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One day is not enough... The most beautiful long-distance hiking trails in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, South Tyrol and Hungary

Just go off – forget the daily routine and escape the stress. Treat yourself to some time out – out of the city and into nature.

Here at the long-distance hiking portal we show you the most beautiful long-distance hiking routes in Europe. Whether you want to be on the move for a weekend or even longer than 30 days. We have the right route for you. Start your long distance hike now.


All long distance hiking trails

32 hiking trails in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy,....

Trails from 2-5 stages A time out from everyday life

This trails are ideally suited for a long weekend or a short vacation. The paths range from 2 to 5 wonderfully hikable stages.
The choice is certainly not easy, because each of our ten multi-day tours does not have to be hiked just once!

Trails from 6-30 stages

Get out into the great nature. Find your own rhythm on the 6 to 30 day tours. Immerse yourself in the adventure of long-distance hiking.

Trails up from 30 stages

Long distance hiking. Cross the borders. From 30-day tours. Trail systems for the great long-distance hiking experience.

The best long-distance hiking trails

Long-distance hiking trails in Europe – where long-distance hiking becomes a natural experience Long-distance hiking is a burning passion for many nature lovers. The long-distance hiking trails in Europe offer numerous offers for popular leisure activities. European long-distance hiking trails enable long-distance hiking in Austria and Germany, possibly ingeniously combined with a charming and varied E5 Alpine crossing. Weekend hiking is ideal for multi-day tours in Italy and Slovenia. When hiking long distances, the keen person experiences a pleasantly intense experience of nature.


Cottage tours – Hiking from cottage to cottage

The heart of nature lovers opens when hiking. Many people strive to be able to hike without worry. That is why hikers are drawn to European long-distance hiking trails. Spending the night in huts is an experience that no long-distance hiker wants to miss. Enjoying the rustic nature while vacationing in the mountains as well as being able to breathe in the pure air and hike from hut to hut is something that most active people find phenomenal relaxation.


Interesting hiking offers with luggage transport

Cross-border long-distance hiking trails have a special charm. The passionate long-distance hikers collect an infinite number of impressions and pictures from very different regions. Getting to know different regional dishes is a culinary enrichment and also a gain of knowledge about the local cultural history. Hiking without luggage is a good idea for extended hikes, since comfortable hiking is often only possible thanks to organized luggage transport. Walking lightly increases the mood and allows the hiker to concentrate fully on hiking and the immediate surroundings.


Weekend excursions: multi-day hikes with great recreational potential

A hiking holiday is ideal to make good use of bridge days. Multi-day tours are ideal for hiking on long weekends. Planning a short vacation with a dog and hiking from one alpine hut to the next mountain hut means being able to hike without worry. Managed overnight huts ensure good food and safe and comfortable accommodation on multi-day tours. The recovery potential is enormous, because multi-day hikes allow you to completely let go of everyday stress. Walking through beautiful natural landscapes is a real balm for body and soul.


Touring portal – 32 multi-day tours and long-distance hiking trails in Europe

Very different routes are offered on the tour portal. This way, interested parties can quickly and easily find the appropriate multi-day tours. The offers for long-distance hiking in Italy, Germany, Slovenia and Austria are diverse, so that tours for beginners and summiteers as well as tours for hiking with children and four-legged friends are included. 22 long-distance hiking trails in Europe enable leisure hikers to rediscover a wide variety of traditions, cultural landscapes and perspectives on the world – and ultimately also themselves.




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